How to Select Effective Board Portal Software

Board members must be confident they have the most recent version of documents, whether they are working in the same room with they are or on different continents. A central, shared system is therefore crucial for meeting preparation and governance. The best board management software updates documents at the same time regardless of the device or platform participants are using. This level of security allows the board’s materials to be accessible to everyone and be discussed at any time.

When choosing a portal for board meetings take note of the following features:

Meeting invites and scheduling tools: It is easy to determine meeting dates and times with the help of simple automated tools. Additionally, you can permit attendees to sign up for meetings online. You can also send reminders.

Agenda builder tools Create dynamic fully digital agendas for meetings including designated time limits and people assignments. Some portals include references that are embedded into the pages.

Task management Utilize a task manager to ensure that every board member is up-to date with their duties prior to your next meeting. The most effective solution will display all assigned tasks in the form of a central dashboard. This will allow directors to verify that they have reviewed the meeting materials and finalized a budget for a campaign that’s coming up or even captured photos of a volunteer event, for example.

Training & support: Be sure to offer multiple opportunities for technology-challenged board members to receive training. Make it a point to offer group training sessions in several dates and locations. You should be sure to reach out to members of the board who are technologically challenged to schedule training sessions in a 1:1 format.

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